Art is a harmony parallel with nature never fears and never regrets

paul cezzane

At Petit Atelier, we strongly believe that every child is unique and different and that Art is the best way to preserve memories. Children are encouraged to express themselves freely and with guidance from our experienced art teachers, each child will be able to tap on their inner creativity while using new techniques, materials and mediums to create beautiful pieces which they can take pride and ownership of. 

As we embark on this learning journey together, we hope each child's artwork will be a medium of expression encapsulating their many fond memories. These memories created and experienced will truly be a priceless masterpiece!

Mission & vision

Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears and never regrets

Leonardo da Vinci

Petit Atelier will always encourage individuality and creativity of every person who walks through our doors. We will also strive to provide guidance and impart techniques that can enhance the vision and artistic abilities of every individual, regardless of their level of experience or learning ability.

We believe that Art can, and should be enjoyed by everyone!


our team

At the heart of our learning journey in Petit Atelier is the individual. As the driver of change, and we believe that we can change the world by sparkling the minds who will influence the future. At Petit Atelier, we have a team of excellent Educators who are well-loved, fun-loving, committed and deeply dedicated to driving our mission. Many of our Educators are not only qualified art professionals, they are also professionally trained in early childhood and art therapy.