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Pet Portrait

The Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary (MCDS) is a non-profit organisation founded by the late Mdm Lee Siew Ying. In Pali language, "metta" means loving kindness and also refers to the special bond shared between humans and animals.

The MCDS is home to more than 120 rescued street cats and dogs. The shelter was established in the late nineties and since then, have rehabilitated hundreds of abused and abandoned animals.

Today the MCDS needs our help! The land they currently occupy is up for redevelopment. If they do not find an alternative land soon, they face the possibility of losing everything. Their animals may no longer have a home!

Organised by Animal Human Alliance and supported by @stabilosg and @petitateliersg, we are creating a special 2023 Calendar with your help!

Get to learn the art techniques of creating a pop-art animal portrait during our workshop and have selected art pieces featured in the 2023 Calendar! Scan the above QR code to register. All proceeds go to Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary.